International Baccalaureate in english

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is widely regarded as the best pre-university course that is offered anywhere in the world.

No other programme in the world is recognized by as many institutions and universities across the globe as the IBDP. Here at Aranäs we offer the highest quality teaching and are determined to help our students succeed in achieving their academic goals in every way possible. The programme demands a lot of students but there is no better preparation for further academic endeavours.

How the programme works

The first year is a preparatory year composed of courses equivalent to those in regular Swedish national programs taught in English in order to give students the necessary reading, writing and mathematical skills necessary for the actual IBDP which starts in the second year.

For the second year 6 subjects are chosen from languages, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and theatre. These subjects along with Theory of Knowledge, an Extended Essay research project and a Creativity, Action & Service-regimen (or CAS) is what constitutes the foundations of the IB Diploma Programme. Almost all grades are set by external teachers through the IB Organization.

At Aranäsgymnasiet, we have created a healthy, well-balanced environment in which respect and compassion thrive. The harmonious relationship between student and teacher is vital to our success. With this fantastic opportunity to build a strong foundation for a successful future, we encourage every student to be highly motivated, well organised and to enjoy participating in this globally minded programme.

At Aranäsgymnasiet, You make a difference

This is part of the IB philosophy – you are important not only for what you study but also for what you think, say and do. Not only do you learn subjects; you also learn the importance of critical thinking and of engaging yourself in the local and global communities.

Do you have questions about how to apply to the IB-programme? Please contact the IB-coordinator Ruth Walton,

School mission and vision statement

Aranäsgymnasiet is a modern school and together we create a pleasant, amiable and respectful atmosphere. As part of the school spirit, our IB Diploma Program is an inclusive and open international learning community. In a creative and innovative environment, we are looking to enable students to reach their full potential and build a foundation as lifelong learners. With clear and high expectations, we challenge our students to be responsible and independent learners in the local as well as the global community.

Started in 2002, the IB Diploma Program at Aranäsgymnasiet works to ensure each student graduates as a knowledgeable and self-confident human being.